Are you new to Joomla and want to learn how to build a joomla website in a few easy steps, if so this series of tutorials is for you. Well guess what, its not as difficult to use as you might think, so grab a coffee or if your Irish ‘A mug of teaaaa not tea’ sit up in your seat, give those hands a good rub together smile, relax and focus.

By the end of this series of tutorials over the coming weeks you will become proficient in creating and maintaining your own joomla website :).  We will be focusing on what is required to build a joomla site and ignoring many of the features and options in the administration that are not required for your average joe soap. ME!

Tutorial 1: How to install Xampp and Joomla on localhost. (Video Tutorial). Level: Beginners.
Similar to a house we need a foundation to build our joomla website on.  For our foundation we will need to download the following free software to proceed with this tutorial.
1: We need a Webserver, Php and MySql.  The quickest and most efficient way to install all three on your computer is to download and install Xampp from
2: Download Joomla 3 from

Some Explanations before we get started.
What is a webserver you may ask?
In simple terms a webserver is the Software, Hardware or combination of both that is used to deliver web content over the internet.  It is the place where your website sits and allows the world to view it.

 In our tutorial we are going to install Xampp a free software distribution.  Xampp is an excellent piece of software which contains mysql, php and Apache webserver so you kill 3 birds with the one stone ;).  You should have Xampp downloaded by now ;)

What is Joomla?
Joomla is an excellent free opensource CMS (Content Management system).  It allows you to easily add and edit content on your website. Example, Articles, Images, Menus and much more.

Let us now proceed to watch the video on how to Install Joomla and Xampp on your computer (Note: localhost is a term used to refer to your computer.  This will be mentioned throughout the video).  The video is best watched in HD Fullscreen.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the Install of Xampp or Joomla 3 please leave your comments below.

Topics we will be covering in the tutorials over the coming weeks.
1: How to install a template in joomla 3 and set it as default.
2: How to create new categories and articles in joomla.
3: Menus in Joomla
- How to create a New Menu
- How to create New Menu Item of Type Article.
- How to create Sub Menus
- How to create a Menu Module for your New Menu
- How to publish your New Menu
4: How to Install Configure and Publish Modules. Example Slideshow Module, Thumbsgallery Module.
+ Many More ;)